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All I want for Christmas is my Dream Job!

By AHS | December 22, 2015
It's almost Christmas and we have some great gifts to give! One of our gifts is this weeks Dream Job Highlight. We have an opening for a Pharmacy Technician in Salina, Kansas. We are Pharmacy Tech Salina Kansasextremely motivated to find the perfect candidate for this excellent position! Below is more information about Salina.

In 2009, Salina was selected by Business Week as the "

Dream Job in Nebraska!

By AHS | December 16, 2015
Are you a pharmacist looking for work?

We are here to help find jobs for our pharmacists but also to be a support for them as well. AHS PharmStat is the leading staffing agency offering a wide variety of options for placements to keep both pharmacists happy and pharmacies running smoothly and efficiently.Pharmacy Careers Jobs


Job Location: Kearney, NE

Job Title: Pharmacist, Retail

Job Description: We have an awesome job opportunity for you as a retail pharmacist in Kearney, NE. To learn more about this position

Attention: Great Communicators Wanted!

By AHS | December 11, 2015
Attention: Great Communicators Wanted!

You don’t have to be in business long to understand the power of good communication. Trust between a pharmacy and its customers is built on effective communication.Business Communication

However, often times during the hiring process, this essential skill is undervalued or overlooked altogether. Here are a few ways you can hire great communicators.

Work History


Generations in the Workplace: Baby Boomers

By AHS | December 04, 2015
Generations in the Workplace: Baby Boomers and TraditionalistsPart 3 of 3

Boomers at Work

Known for their diligent work ethic, Baby Boomers are known as the Live to Work generation. These folks are well-versed in their careers and look to stay in the workplace well after age 65.

Born between 1946 and 1964, this generation grew up influenced by a rapidly changing world. World conflicts continued to play out, men walked on the moon, and even the President of the United States was not safe from tragedy.

Beautiful Dream Job Highlight - Colorado

By AHS | December 01, 2015
It seems that Colorado is on everyone's short list of places they would like to live. Good news for you, we have an amazing opportunity for a Pharmacy Technician in Pueblo, Colorado! Pharmacy Technician Jobs Colorado

The mountain, the wildlife, the outdoor activities, the snow... what else could you ask for! If you want to learn more about the wonder city Pueblo please click here!

Would you like to learn more information about this opportunity, or to find other positions like thi




You could receive up to $500