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Communication Soft Skills: The Series

By AHS | October 01, 2015
During the month of October, let's take a closer look at soft skills. We have talked about what they are and why they matter. Soft skills  are general skills—like the ability to accept feedback, work collaboratively, manage your time, etc. These are skills that will help you in a wide range of jobs, not just the target job you're applying for. You may begin seeing "soft skills" next to a job description while you are on the search for a new career. To be honest, tech skills may get you the interview, but it's the soft skills that will land you a job and help you to keep it.

This week let's focus on Communication skills.

3 Reasons Soft Skills Matters

By AHS | September 25, 2015
In the world of pharmacy technicians, credentials are important. Employers need to know you possess the competencies critical to performing the job. However, in today’s competitive market, competence combined with soft skills, are what make a standout candidate.

What Are They?

Soft skills, or Emotional Intelligence, is essential in a rapidly growing industry like pharmacy. A person’s Emotional Intelligence, often referred to as their EQ, is a good indicator on whether a person will be successful as a pharmacy tech, whether they will promote, and how they will fit in with the pharmacy team. Those Soft Skills, include:

  • Effective communication

  • Reliability and timeliness

  • Conflict reso

Dream Job Highlight in Panama City, FL!

By AHS | September 21, 2015
We understand you.

Founded by a pharmacist, at AHS PharmStat, we understand that pharmacy technicians work hard each and every day. We know that often times you do not feel appreciated and wonder if there is really a great job out there for you. We want to become that source of relief for you. With your needs in mind, we became the only true full service firm offering all three types of staffing services: permanent placement, travel positions, and relief (per diem) opportunities. Whatever you are looking for, we can provide!


Benefits of Temp Work

By AHS | September 15, 2015
AHSPharmStatTemporaryJob"58% of employers expect to hire more part-time, temporary or contract workers over the next five years." -McKinsey Global Institute jobs survey

Employers aren’t the only ones benefitting from temp jobs. If you work in a temporary job setting it can be a great way to dip your toes in the water. With your experience as a temp employee you can find out what it would be like to wo

Dream Job Highlight in Blacksburg, VA!

By AHS | September 15, 2015
Our mission is simple: to be a trusted partner of the pharmacist and a valued resource of the pharmacy.

With job candidates and clients throughout the country, we feel no assignment too big or too small and we openly welcome the most challenging assignments. Our staff takes great pride in accomplishing what other firms consider to be difficult. Our leadership team has more than fifty years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry. That experience equates to an unequalled understanding of the challenges in matching candidates with job opportunities.

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