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Dream Job Highlight in Blacksburg, VA!

By AHS | September 15, 2015
Our mission is simple: to be a trusted partner of the pharmacist and a valued resource of the pharmacy.

With job candidates and clients throughout the country, we feel no assignment too big or too small and we openly welcome the most challenging assignments. Our staff takes great pride in accomplishing what other firms consider to be difficult. Our leadership team has more than fifty years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry. That experience equates to an unequalled understanding of the challenges in matching candidates with job opportunities.

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Dream Job In Ashtabula, Ohio!

By AHS | September 08, 2015

linking pharmacists to pharmacies in retail, clinic and hospital settings across America. We know that pharmacies need to open regularly to keep up with the needs of patients and not everyday is an ideal one. Having a reliable staffing agency to help fill empty positions is critical for business.


Job Location: Ashtabula, OH

Job Title: Pharmacy Tech

Job Description: We have an awesome job opportunit

What Not To Do

By AHS | September 03, 2015
The first day at a new job is stressful enough. Everything is completely new and everything you do is for the first time at this place. Here is a list of simple "no-no's" to guide you through your first day.AHSRenalStatJob

1. Be late. Under no circumstance do you want to be a late on your first day. Even your first week! If you set out for your first day with just enough time to get there, something will inevitably happen. Plan on being 15 minutes early.

2. Forget your paperwork. HR will be ready to hand you piles of paperwork to fill out for your fi

Dream Job In Lakewood, NJ

By AHS | September 01, 2015
Reliable Dialysis Staffing!

We understand that "staffing firms" are usually considered the last resort and often are not viewed as a partner to growth for your dialysis facility, so we strive to break that negative image by providing unsurpassed service to our clients. At AHS RenalStat, we believe in lasting relationships. Our firm also believes that every patient of yours is a patient of ours so we expect our dialysis professionals to go "The Extra Mile" to ensure safety and professionalism at all times.


Why become a Pharmacy Tech?

By AHS | August 27, 2015
If you are looking for an entry-level job with growth potential then becoming a pharmacy technician may be for you! Pharmacy techs work in all AHS PharmStat Pharmacy Technicianareas of the health care field. From drugstores to supermarkets they are hired to help pharmacists prepare and dispense prescription medications. Another part of their job is to provide customer service. You are essentially the face of the pharmacy and help keep the place running smoothly and efficiently. The U.S. Bureau




You could receive up to $500