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A Year At A Glance: AHS Staffing

By AHS | December 22, 2014
It is hard to believe that 2014 is coming to a close. This year has truly flown by!   From all of us at AHS Staffing, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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As always, we want to start off by saying a huge “thank you” to all of our employees who work so tirelessly and represent AHS in such a positive manner!  We are truly blessed to have such an awesome team of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, CMCs,

Pharmacist Tops the List for Best Healthcare Jobs in 2015

By AHS | December 09, 2014
According to a recent article on Forbes.com, Pharmacist tops the list for best healthcare job in 2015

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The article states, while many of the new jobs created since the recession are low-paying retail and restaurant positions with no benefits and little chance of advancement, the growing health care sector offers career paths that lead to generous compensation and a secure future. In the Bure

Pharmacy Jobs - Holiday Coverage

By AHS | December 02, 2014
With just 21 days left until Christmas, is your pharmacy fully staffed during the holidays?











Don't wait until it's too late, be proactive and have a plan in place.  All you need to do to get a pharmacist with us is complete a service contract form, then contact us by phone or by email to make your request. Afterwards you'll receive confirmation of your request. It's that simple.   

Testimonial Tuesday!

By AHS | December 02, 2014
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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“Hello.  I thank you for the compliment and your follow up.  As I have mentioned previously, your agency does a very professional job and looks out for the pharmacists they send to various facilities."  Kind Regards, Nelson, RPh

Thank you to all of our pharmacist  and p

Medications blamed for majority of fatal allergic reactions

By AHS | November 19, 2014
Based on 2,458 anaphylaxis-related deaths in the United States, they found that medications accounted for 59% of deaths

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According to an article in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, allergy-related sudden deaths—are mostly caused by medications and have increased significantly in the United States in recent years.  They were also more prevalent in African American and older adult populations.

The article stated that in 74% of the anaphylaxis death




You could receive up to $500