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By AHS | September 25, 2014
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By AHS | September 25, 2014
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Pharmacist Get Ready It's Almost Flu Season

By AHS | September 25, 2014
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Most pharmacies are gearing up for this years cold and flu season.

Nearly 60% of the flu cases reported to the Centers for Diesease Control (CDC) last flu season were fell between 18 and 64 years of age.  That figure proves even the healthiest can come down with the flu, says Dr. William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

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Demand for Pharmacists Increasing

By AHS | September 24, 2014
Good news for pharmacists, the current trends in the pharmacy job market show an increase.

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In a recent article in Pharmacy Times,  it states that in June 2014, the national demand for pharmacists was recorded at 3.51, up from 3.32 in May 2014 and 3.22 in June 2013.  Demand was extremely high in some states for the first time in months, as it reached 5 on the ADI scale in Iowa and close to 5 in Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Alas

Testimonial Tuesday!

By AHS | September 16, 2014
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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I wanted to let you know that Carmen has been helping me  with my relief needs.  She has gone over and beyond my expections , even calling  me and setting me up with relief on Sunday night!!  Last night I believe she talked with me for about 45 minutes, putting my mind at ease and setting me up with my individual requests-(which may be many!!) Thank you Carmen!!" ~Dipa, RPh




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