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Employee Spotlight: Meet Brett and Kelly Burleson

By AHS | April 09, 2014
At AHS Staffing we encourage our team to be involved in the community.









Meet Brett Burleson, V.P. and Kelly Burleson, Marketing Director

At AHS, staffing is our business.  This is what we do and what we love. We truly believe you will see a positive difference in the way you are treated when you work with AHS Staffing.

And what makes us successful?  Our

Is Pharmacy Your Passion?

By AHS | April 03, 2014
Are you living your dream?

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If you are a pharmacist, you spent a minimum of six years in college studying, stressing and hopefully doing what you dreamed of doing...becoming a pharmacist. 

Most people go through life not really knowing what they want to do.  They think one day it will happen.  A light bulb will come on or something will fall into my lap and I'll know.  But when talking to doctors, pharmacist, nur

Springtime Relief

By AHS | March 13, 2014
Are you ready for warmer weather?

alt= "Pharmacy jobs"Most of the country has experienced historical weather this winter.  Bitter cold, ice and snow have blanketed parts of the country.  Which normally puts a toll on doctors and pharmacists.  Weather related injuries on top of cold and flu season makes for a busy season.

With spring officially kicking off in a week, it's time for a break!  If your pharmacy is short staffed or needs relief help throughout the month of March and April, give us a call

Flu Deaths at an all time high in Oklahoma

By AHS | March 02, 2014
The State Department of Health reported that 51 people have died from the flu since the start of flu season that started in late September.

ahs_pharm+tag logoThe federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the flu outbreak in Oklahoma is considered regional, meaning influenza has been confirmed in at least two — but fewer than half — of the regions in the state.

The largest number of deaths — 19 — were in the 50-64 age group, while 18 deaths were reported among those 65 and older.

Twelve deaths we

Relief Pharmacist

By AHS | February 25, 2014

Did you know that March is one of the TOP Relief Pharmacy Staffing Months due to Spring Break?

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Now is a great time to sign-up as a Relief Pharmacist with AHS PharmStat!

Earn extra income on your days off work by working relief.




You could receive up to $500