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What is a Clinical Pharmacist?

By AHS | May 17, 2013
Clinical pharmacists care for patients in all health care settings but the clinical pharmacy movement initially began inside hospitals and clinics.

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Per the American College of Clinical Pharmacist, a Clinical pharmacists works di

What is a Consultant Pharmacist?

By AHS | May 16, 2013
A consultant pharmacist is a pharmacist who provides expert advice on the use of medications by individuals or within institutions, or on the provision of pharmacy services to institutions.




Consultant Pharmacists are now practicing in a wide variety of other settings, including subacute care and assisted living facilities, psychiatric hospitals, hospice programs, and in home and community-based care -- wh

Medication Therapy Management

By AHS | May 13, 2013
ahsTraining in Medication Management Therapy

As a pharmacist practitioner or student pharmacist, having current knowledge, skills and clinical training is essential to provide high quality MTM and obtain the best outcomes for your patients. APhA is the leading provider of targeted and informative MTM continuing education programs. Whether you are just starting out as an MTM provider, want to brush up on specific clinica

Need Help Staffing Your Pharmacy This Summer? We can help!

By AHS | May 13, 2013
Summer is almost here and that means vacations for your employees.

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Sometimes one of the biggest challenges of running a pharmacy is staffing.  Finding qualified pharmacist and pharmacy technicians can sometimes be a big task and a bit overwhelming.  Whether you are trying to fill shifts on a short-term basis, or you need a full-time

Dream Job Highlight!

By AHS | May 12, 2013
At AHS PharmStat, we know you have options when it comes to work, and we have opportunities for pharmacist and pharmacy technicians across the country! Our job is to help you find that dream job that makes you want to get up every morning. In places you have always dreamed of visiting. We have opportunities in beautiful areas – your dream destination. Whether you want to work permanent, relief shifts, or travel assignments, we have just the right fit for you!  Below we’ve highlighted one of the areas we currently have available. But you better hurry, here today, gon




You could receive up to $500