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Opportunity Knocks

By AHS | June 25, 2012
Another great article from The Redheaded Pharmacists...

The profession of pharmacy is in a state of flux right now.  Many are wondering what the long-term prospects are going to be for our great profession.  What will happen to pharmacists in the future?  What direction are we collectively headed?

One of the things that inevitably happens during such a critical juncture is the tendency to panic.  Many pharmacists are worried about their future within our profession.  What will happen to the job market for pharmacists going forward?  What will community pharmacy look like in say five or ten years?  Will independents survive?

Among all this worry and fear about the future there seems to be a lack of focus on

Pharmacy Staffing

By AHS | June 23, 2012

How pharmacy staffing can help you!

AHS PharmStat's value:

Extensive pool of pharmacists throughout the country that are fully credentialed and individually interviewed by our staff pharmacists. Access to thousands of licensed pharmacists that provide a range of expertise to fill assignments in a number of specialties.

Fifty years of staff experience in the healthcare staffing industry. The perfect match of professional pharmacists and

Jobs for Pharmacists

By AHS | June 23, 2012

Relief Pharmacist - Travel - Permanent Pharmacist

Retail Pharmacists are a precious commodity today and are too often over-worked and under-appreciated. Staff Pharmacists constantly complain about not getting the time off that they need for their families and personal affairs and more and more are opting for a different way of life.

Imagine being able to work one week and be off the next, or work just in December for some extra Holiday inco

Freaky Friday!

By AHS | June 22, 2012
At AHS PharmStat, we know how hard pharmacist and pharmacy technicians work.  And some days are just better than others…








That’s why each Friday we are going to post Freaky Friday!  Tell us …The good.  The bad.  And…the “Freak of the Week”.  Share with others in the industry some “behind the counter” experiences you faced this past week.  Please keep all n

Weighing in on What Works and What Doesn’t: Counseling for Obesity

By AHS | June 20, 2012
Approaching patients who are overweight or obese requires sensitivity and a supportive approach.

Obesity is epidemic and is the number one cause for poor health and premature death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 66% of adults are overweight and 35.7% are obese. By 2015, researchers predict that 75% of adults will be overweight and 41% will be obese.1,2 Overweight and obesity are defined using body mass index (BMI) (see Table 13 ).

Fat cells produce inflammatory adipokines, resulting in chronic low-grade inflammatory responses that increase risk for life-threatening conditions including2,4-7:

  • Diabetes, high blood




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